Friday, March 4, 2016

Ten Skyline Altering Projects Coming to Center City

If you have ever been stuck in mid-day traffic, you know that Philadelphia construction is booming. The signs are everywhere, from exposed steel for super tall skyscrapers in Center City to large cranes for massive apartment complexes on the waterfront. But some of the city’s largest projects are still waiting to get underway. 

Here’s a list of skyline altering development taking place in and around Center City:

1121 feet


Cira Centre South (FMC Tower)     
730 feet


600 feet


615 feet


W Hotel and Residences
582 feet

1911 Walnut Street
525 feet & 200 feet


Market8 Casino
450 feet


Riverwalk Apartment Towers
446 feet, 220 feet, 220 feet


MIC Apartment Tower
429 feet


500 Walnut Street Condominiums
380 feet