Friday, April 11, 2014

Rebate Opportunity for Government and Institutional Customers

Join the network of contractors, suppliers, ESCOs and design professionals who are growing their businesses by leveraging PPL Electric Utilities E-power® incentives for energy-efficiency projects.

Through its E-power initiative, PPL Electric Utilities is helping its customers better understand how they use energy, take action to achieve measurable reductions in electricity use and save money.

E-power rebates and incentives lower the cost of investing in new energy-efficient equipment. And being energy-efficient helps customers realize long-term energy savings.

When your customers become more energy-efficient, it can also increase the demand for your business because the majority of appliances, systems and equipment that qualify require professional consultation and installation from companies like yours.

Your project could qualify for a rebate from PPL Electric*


PPL Electric is currently offering additional rebates for sensors and other energy-saving solutions for its government and institutional customers.

To find out more about the rebate, visit 
*To qualify product must be installed and operational between March 21, 2014 and May 9, 2014.

Lutron sensors are a great way to take advantage of this rebate.


Lutron has a full line of reliable, in-wall sensors that install and set up easily. Its wireless occupancy sensors can be installed and operational within minutes, with limited disruption to the space.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to receive $2,800+ of FREE occupancy sensors!
           - Up to 10 in-wall occupancy sensors ($85 each) and 10 ceiling sensors ($200) each

Download Lutron sensor product information and model numbers