Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Electrical Worker Sues Amtrak for Injuries from Shock

An Amtrak electrician has filed suit against the company because of a shock he suffered on the job three years ago. Brian Kilgore filed with a Pennsylvania court, claiming that his managers failed to follow protocol to prevent the shock, violating the Federal Employers Liability Act by not providing a safe workplace.

Kilgore was shocked when moving a light tower at a North Philadelphia station in June 2011. He says his managers had failed to deactivate wires connected to the tower and he was severely injured.

According to a report, "Kilgore suffered injuries to his feet, head, arms, plus his ones and tissue. He also sustained cardiac and neurological injuries that required prolonged hospitalization."

The complaint says that Amtrak’s negligence forced Kilgore to lose his potential earning power and seek medical attention at great expense.

Kilgore is seeking in excess of $150,000.